About - Phil Mann Photography
Porth Wen Panorama

It seems as if photography has always been a part of my life, as my interest in it started in my teens. Consequently, my view of the world is affected by it; I look for potential images wherever I am.

My passion for landscape photography in particular grew tremendously over the last fifteen years and, during this time, I received invaluable help and encouragement from fellow photographers including Derry Brabbs and Joe Cornish. However, my real inspiration comes from the landscape around me. Like any art form, photography is a very personal and subjective thing. When I set out with my camera, it is not with any pre-conceived ideas about what people might like and want to hang on their walls. Rather, it is with the hope that I can capture an image which goes some way to conveying my love of the landscape. Of course, a natural extension of this is the hope that others are in some way moved by my photographs.

Although I have had images published in books and magazines as well as some moderate success in competitions, my photographic highlight was to be selected for a year long commission by the Duchess of Westminster. I was tasked with photographing the landscape and architecture of four rural estates located in Cheshire, Lancashire, Scotland and Spain through the seasons; this was both a real challenge and huge privilege.

I hope you enjoy my images.

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